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Fear Station is a collaboration with Shadow Walk Productions and Stanton City, California.

This Halloween Season, Fear Station presents two terrifying mazes:

Freak Show of Fears

Freak Show of Fears will be sure to take your happy dreams and transform them into terrifying nightmares! Our ringmaster is excited to introduce you to all his creepy crawlers, playful clowns, and doll collection…

Shadow Walk Manor: The Windigo’s Curse

Face the Windigo as you try to escape from Shadow Walk Manor. Cannibals look for their next meal as victims try to find their way out. Can you escape the Windigo’s Curse?

What scares you?


We are on hiatus until further notice, follow us on Facebook for updates.

Dates & Hours

We are on hiatus until further notice, follow us on Facebook for updates.


We are on hiatus until further notice, follow us on Facebook for updates.


Shadow Walk Cemetery began as a simple home haunt in the year 2003. Father and Son used store bought decorations to build their front yard atmosphere. In the beginning there were no fancy props or lighting. The true scares were found in the experienced monsters. The neighborhood would soon learn this house was the scene for a real fright fest each Halloween season.

In 2006, after a few years of adding to their prop collection and building on the foundations of their starting Haunt, Shadow Walk Cemetery came alive. Now it was finally given a namesake. Already the streets had come to enjoy the home haunt every year and were eager for each new thing to come each season. This father-son team even gained hands on experience with building and creating props, such as tombstones. There was no end to their adventures in creating an even bigger home haunt for all to experience.

By 2010, Shadow Walk had a full functioning crew to scare, showing up with eagerness to adorn their ghoulish costumes to scare on Halloween night. No longer where the props store bought. Completing their decor was a handful of tombstones skillfully hand crafted with witty remarks, a large mausoleum,an evil pumpkin patch, black fence with skull toppers, and a witch's cauldron. It was this year that not only the neighborhood kids came to test their courage, but a line formed by those from all over the city who had heard of this frightening home haunt. With two complete rooms and a maze-like hallway, Shadow Walk was really growing.

In 2011, Shadow Walk builders truly stepped up the game by adding more than the two original rooms. Part of the new additions was a gate keeper for the front gate, which was crafted by hand. More hallways were added, new rooms created, and new monsters were haunting. The weekend long run was a successful one, with lines each night. The air was truly filled with fog and screams.

In 2012, we were approached by the city of Stanton. We added more rooms to Shadow Walk Manor and the Second Maze Freak show of Fears.

With elaborate mazes and a dedicated scare crew; Shadow Walk has become the father and son's dream incarnate! Each year will be another year to build up the haunt even more, including bigger, better props and even more monsters!

Press & Awards

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Is it the same as last year?

Absolutely not. The show changes every year, although we do keep some of the more popular scenes. We have a full time professional staff that work all year on the haunted house.

Do you have food and other merchandise?

Yes! We sell everything from glow sticks to food to T-shirts.

Can we take flash photos or video of your haunted house?

NO! Haunted houses are dark and everyone's - especially the actors' - eyes adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera, you're not only ruining other customers' experience but you're hurting the actors' eyes. Also, no other recording devices are allowed (video cameras, etc.).

If media request a media pass at entry then we will space out groups as not to ruin anyone's experience.

Can I hit the actors, take the props, destroy the rooms, or come through the haunt drunk or stoned?

You should ask the Orange County police on duty this question. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. We have a list of rules just like any other business that must be adhered to for your own safety. Please go through the haunt in a civilized manner and everyone (including yourself) will have a great time.


More information about our rental and production services will be available soon.